Player Characters This Year


Years Of Campaign Play
This Year 485
Next Year 486

Summary of EventsEdit


  • Sir Rhodri Shows His Trademark Temperance And Awkwardness Around Women; Sir Aeron Shows Very Much The Opposite
  • At Sarum, The Knights Meet Eligible Ladies; Including The Beautiful Lady Adwen, The Unlucky Lady Gwiona And The Rich Lady Indeg
  • Sir Amig, Castellan of Tilshead, Leads The Player Knights In The Battle of Mearcred Creek
  • Order Of Battle:
    • First Round, First Charge Vs Mounted Lancers - Players Win
    • Second Round, Stand Fast Vs Rich Warriors - Players Lose, 1 Prisoner
    • Third Round, Withdraw Vs Little Guys - Players Triumph, 3 Prisoners
    • Fourth Round, Uther Signals Withdrawl
  • Sir Aeron's Squire Is Missing Presumed Dead In The Battle
  • All Other Knights Take A Saxon Prisoner; £6 Ransom For Each
  • All knights bar Sir Aeron pay for stewards to tend their land. (Sir Rhodri has his uncle continue to steward his manor; Sir Elad has his elder sister maintain it in his absence.
  • Construction Work Begins On Expanding Their Newly Acquired Manors. Sir Elad, Rhodri and Madog start building Jousting Lists; Sir Aeron commissions a large Mews; and Sir Geriant requests the peasants erect an Apiary for him.
  • Sir Madog pays for an elderly man-at-arms to aid him in his training.