Player Characters This Year


Years Of Campaign Play
Previous Year 495
This Year 496
Next Year 497

Summary of EventsEdit

Session OneEdit

Session TwoEdit

  • Morien of the household of Sir Amig is knighted
  • Sir Rhodri tells Sir Leander he must settle down
  • Leander and Morien go to Estregales and are forced to be polite to Merlin.
  • Julian, Leander's former squire, explains the ravages that have affected his manor in Estregales.
  • Saxons allied with Escavalon must be raided, led by the Knight of the Tusks
  • Sir Morien wins a great victory, with Sir Leander injured but alive
  • The booty is gifted to Countess Ellen, who consents to give Lady Indeg's hand to Sir Leander.


Session OneEdit


Session TwoEdit

  • Sir Morien is surprised to be knighted as he is one of many sons, but Sir Amig wishes more men to protect Tilshead castle.
  • Leander talks to Lady Ellen about marrying Lady Indeg and pledges ten librum of gifts for the defence of Sarum before the end of the year to win her hand
  • Sir Morien offers to aid Leander in his quest, and the two travel to Estregales, to the court of King Dirac
    • They stop off at Leander's manor in Estregales, stewarded by his former squire Julian.
      • Julian explains a poor winter and an attack by a dragon ravaged the manor and repair work is underway.
      • Leander's mother has come to reside here for a while, and the peasants are oddly fond of her.
    • Only the rules of hospitality stop Morien trying to kill Merlin when he makes an appearance, but talk of a Saxon supply train to Escavalon makes Leander listen closer
      • Leander and Morien attack the Saxon supply train, while Merlin leads other knights in destroying their boats
      • The knights are successful and Morien even brings down a Saxon chieftain, holding him for ransom, although Leander is badly wounded. But they make enough in ransom and loot to more than pay the wedding gifts, and Morien also donates a similar amount from his share to the defence of the land

Winter PhaseEdit

  • The winter is average in intensity but paying the tribute forces Salisbury into a poorer time than it should have.
    • Sir Elad XXX
    • Sir Leander marries Lady Indeg and takes over her lands: two Demesne Manors and three Enfeoffed Manors.
    • Sir Madog has a poor year but his extensive stores keep him well. In a moment of madness, he impregnates a peasant girl but takes the child in to raise in his household.
    • Sir Rhodri invests all his profits from the year in upgrading his manor house to something more befitting a knight of his stature: a multi-floored stone house will be constructed.

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