Player Characters This Year


Years Of Campaign Play
Previous Year 501
This Year 502
Next Year 503

Summary of EventsEdit

  • Sir Tydin of Lothian is introduced at Salisbury court.
  • The question of the Logres alliance and continued deference to King Ælle is broached
  • Ganieda calls in Sir Rhodri's vow.
  • Sir Elad slays a lion.
  • Tensions rise amongst the group
  • Goblins ambush the knights as they head to the druid's lair.
  • The druids do not fight back and suggest Ganieda is using the knights as pawns.
  • Sir Rhodri does his grim duty, but finds himself feeling hollow after it
  • The Logres alliance succeeds in reclaiming some of Huntingdon as the Angles must split their forces between them and other Saxons

Details Edit

Session OneEdit

  • QQQ
  • QQQ
  • QQQ

Session TwoEdit

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