Player Characters This Year


Years Of Campaign Play
Previous Year 504
This Year 505
Next Year 506

Summary Edit

  • Salisbury allies with King Nanteleod of Escavalon and marches against the Saxons of Wessex
  • The Britons chase off King Cerdic's Saxons at the Battle of Levco Magus, and Nanteleod marches east, with Silchester joining the army. Battle is joined once more at Royston in Hartford, which ends with a Saxon retreat. 
  • Despite the 40 days of military service being completed, Nanteleod asks the assembled men of the combined army to stay and continue the drive against the Saxons. The Salisbury men, wounded and battered though they are, stay and march into Essex.
  • The final battle of the year, at Chelmsford in Essex, is decisively won, with Nanteleod killing King Aethelswith of Essex. Although Sir Rhodri is badly wounded in the opening stages of the clash, the knights of Salisbury drive through to the enemy camp, and plunder both loot and horses from the Saxon stables, in a glorious victory.
  • The year ends with a tone of optimism and rejoicing at the Sarum winter court, although there is talk that Sir Rhodri plans to retire from active campaigning. 

Details Edit

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