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Years Of Campaign Play
Previous Year 507
This Year 508
Next Year 509

Summary Edit

  • Sir Rhodri is defeated in a duel for family honour, Sir Elad gives serious thought to the marriage of his elder daughters, including a possible alliance with Sir Lycus
  • Sir Gwanon gets many subtle, and not so subtle, hints that he should look for a wife
  • Sir Dafydd is sent by the Earl to ask the Ladies of the Lake about the claim by Eliwlod to be King Uther's heir
  • King Nanteleod musters an army the like of which hasn't been seen since the Battle of St Albans for battle against Wessex
  • The Battle of Netley Marsh is a disaster, with the Cornish fighting alongside the Saxons
  • Earl Robert takes Gwanon aside and, in light of his service in cheering up Salisbury following the disastrous battle, offers to aid him in a good marriage. Despite his reservations, Gwanon accepts, asking only that his bride be a good British pagan
  • Dafydd returns, saying that the Ladies of the Lake refused to help, saying only to "wait less than two harvests" and all will become clear

Details Edit

  • The Battle of Netley Marsh
    • The battle starts badly when the Britons are surprised by the forces of King Ælle joining with Wessex
    • Earl Robert of Salisbury endures his first battle, although he has help from Sir Rhodri
    • Many losses are endured in the Salisbury unit, and at one point, Sir Elad's unit is nearly felled by a swarm of peasants!
    • More bad news comes when it becomes known that the Cornish have entered the battle, on the side of the Saxons
    • King Nanteleod is surprised by a Saxon assault group on horseback and, despite the best efforts of his bodyguard, is slain
    • The Salisbury force has eventually penetrated to the enemy camp when the retreat is called, and must face a difficult return trip across the battlefield
    • Many knights, including Sir Leo don't make it back alive, while others, including Sir Madog and Young Sir Paul are badly wounded
    • A knight captured by Sir Gwanon turns out to be a banneret and the huge ransom paid makes Gwanon the toast of Sarum in an otherwise poor year

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