Player Characters This Year


Years Of Campaign Play
Previous Year 508
This Year 509
Next Year 510

Summary Edit

  • Following the disastrous Battle of Netley Marsh, the Saxons of Wessex demand greater tribute than ever before, and Earl Robert thinks Salisbury is too weak to refuse
  • The Supreme Collegium has met and will hold a Frank-style tournament on new year's day next year, the winner of which will be accepted as High King of Britain
  • Sir Elad and Sir Lycus agree to marry their children to unite the Banneretcies, so the following year Elad's eldest (legitimate) daughter Elizabeth will marry Lycus's eldest son XXX
  • The Lady Nineve of the Ladies of the Lake attends court, and one of her handmaidens is recognised as Sir Rhodri's daughter Lady Ruth
  • Lady Nineve requests an escort to Forest Sauvage and Sir Elad agrees to lead a group to go with her. The journey is mostly uneventful, although Ruth does show off some of her skills and has heartfelt talks with Sir Gwanon and Sir Elad
  • A poor harvest is had by all, as the bulk of it is shipped to Wessex as tribute

Details Edit

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