Player Characters This Year


Years Of Campaign Play
Previous Year 510
This Year 511
Next Year 512

Summary Edit

  • A royal court is held for the first time in fifteen years, attended by representatives from abroad and even Queen Margawse from Lothian
  • Queen Margawse makes quite a stir, and gets on very well with Sir Leander
  • King Arthur decides not to call in his service for this year, and Earl Robert decides the same
  • Young Sir Paul begs leave from Earl Robert to lead a quest to the castle of Garloth to try and cleanse it of the spirits that haunt it
  • He takes Sir Bawynne and Emir Talib with him on the quest
  • The group are stopped in XXX which, while not at war with Logres is definitely allied with Lot, but after courteous negotiation on both sides, are allowed to continue
  • The knights reach their target, and find a large monolith in the courtyard of the abandoned castle, that legend says has written on its underside the name of the knight who will cleanse the castle
  • Despite their best efforts the group can't move the monolith, and then discover that they have other things to worry about as four lions come out of the shadows towards them
  • In the ensuing battle, Sir Bawynne is badly wounded, although Talib's use of the bow and nimble footwork keeps him safe, but the lions are all slain. Stopping at the nearby village for supplies ensures that the story spreads and will be told in these parts for many years to come
  • Sir Paul decides that Bawynne's injuries mean that they cannot continue into the fort, so they reluctantly depart, vowing to return to finish what they have started

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