Player Characters This Year


Years Of Campaign Play
Previous Year 512
This Year 513
Next Year 514

Summary Edit

  • Royal court at Leicester is caught up with stories of some sort of pagan sacrifice in the north, where male children of the nobility were abducted and never seen again.
  • King Pellinore, now an ally of King Arthur, winters in Carlion and heads out to campaign early in the year to push back against King Lot's rebellion.
  • Sir Bawynne's somewhat clunky romancing of Lady Ariette continues, with some help from Talib and Young Sir Paul.
  • The young King Arthur is supposedly plagued by nightmares, yet spirits remain high as the knights muster for battle.
  • At Terrabil, Sir Nero of Norgales heads the mighty contingent that marches out to battle King Arthur - while King Lot watches from the sidelines.
  • Battle progresses to the afternoon where Lot leads out his contingent, thousands of fresh men.... but King Pellinore arrives to reinforce the Logres detachment.
  • In one-on-one combat, Pellinore faces off against Lot and the Northerner has his skull cleaved in twain.
  • Arthur claims Norgales and Lothian for himself, installing stewards. He permits his half-sister and Lot's widow, Queen Margawse, to hold Lot's birthplace of Orkney directly.
  • Earl Robert of Salisbury had a talk with Emir Talib and formally knighted him in his service, making him a household knight of Sarum

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