Player Characters This Year


Years Of Campaign Play
Previous Year 514
This Year 515
Next Year 516

Summary Edit

  • There is another tournament at royal court. Once again, Sir Bawynne proves his mettle and progresses deep into it
  • King Arthur announces his intention to not venture to battle again this year, leaving his knights to their own devices
  • The Knights of the Lion receive leave from Earl Robert of Salisbury to quest once again to Dolorous Garde, and once again take Lady Ruth with them
  • En route, somewhere near Lincoln they encounter a wounded knight travelling south. Sir Talib applies his medical skill, but the wound appears to be cursed and does not close
  • After hearing the knight's story, the Salisbury knights abandon their quest in favour of finding the Proud Knight of the XXX, who is said to wield a cursed blade, and be in league with dark forces
  • Arriving in the village of XXX, they seek information from the local priest, who is frightened, but does talk to them
  • They boldly approach the castle, noting its impressive fortifications. Rather than trying to enter, Young Sir Paul demands that the lord of the castle come forth
  • Eventually, he does so and is challenged to single combat with Sir Bawynne. If Bawynne wins then the knight will surrender to them and be taken to face the justice of King Arthur while if he loses, they will leave and never come near him again
  • While the duel is close, Bawynne eventually strikes a terrific blow that deals a mighty wound and knocks the other knight unconscious
  • Sir Paul and Lady Ruth enter the castle to seek out evidence of satanic rituals, finding them in the basement, while Sir Bawynne and Sir Talib remain outside, tending to the fallen knight
  • The knight is brought before King Arthur where his dark doings are revealed. The Lady Ganieda is also present and she recognises the dark magic of the blade. With Arthur's permission she and Ruth take the blade to disenchant and destroy it.

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