Player Characters This Year


Years Of Campaign Play
Previous Year 515
This Year 516
Next Year 517

Summary Edit

  • Sir Talib and Sir Bawynne discuss the fact that Young Sir Paul hasn't taken a new wife, and resolve to try and do something about it
  • A messenger comes to King Arthur's court saying that Saxons have landed in great numbers from the continent and taken the city of XXX
  • King Arthur immediately sends out messengers to raise an army, but leaves his court with the knights that are present immediately, although he insists on taking Queen Guenever with him. This means that they travel so slowly that the army catches up with them
  • Expecting a siege, they find the Saxon army waiting for them
  • Despite fighting valiantly, both Sir Paul and Sir Bawynne are badly wounded in the first assault
  • In the night, Saxons raid the camp, including the field hospital where the wounded knights have been carried. Sir Talib fights on foot to buy time for his colleagues to be moved to safety
  • Stuff about the second battle

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