Player Characters This Year


Years Of Campaign Play
Previous Year 516
This Year 517
Next Year 518

Summary Edit

  • Royal court is held in London this year
  • Amongst the new knightings this year is Sir Rhodric, the son of Sir Rhodri
  • Rhodric seems awed upon meeting the Knights of the Lion but the older knights take him under their wing
  • Sir Talib takes advantage of being in London to stock up on some very fine wines
  • Determined that the Saxons won't claim more of the land, King Arthur leads an army to meet the recent invaders
  • The battle is inconclusive, although Young Sir Paul is badly wounded and Sir Talib requires urgent medical attention. The new Sir Rhodric ends up leading the unit, acquitting himself very well
  • Arthur decides to press the retreating Saxons and eventually, with advice from Sir Elad, sets up a palisade on a hill
  • The Saxons are roundly defeated, and sue for peace.
  • Arthur makes them take an oath to leave Britain and never make war upon them again

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