Ruler King Cwichelm
Part Of Kingdom Of Logres
Culture Saxons
Anglia is a land occupied by the Angles, standing where Caer Colun once was.

The Cymri of Britain would call the Angles "Saxons" but, in fact, they are not really Saxons at all, except in the generic sense. They are the Angles. If anyone talks to them, they would tell that they left their native land of Angli because the Danes conquered it. Rather than live under foreign rule, they came to Britain to be free. (And it is convenient that the island provides so many slaves, too!)

Places of InterestEdit

  • The Broadlands are the eastern portion of Anglia. Huge expanses of the eastern coast are coastal marsh.
  • The small city of Buckenham is a walled city.
  • Guinnon [Bury St. Edmunds] is a fair city.
  • he great city of Norwich is the fourth largest city in Britain and a sea port which serves trade from all across the North Sea.
  • Thetford is the central crossroad of the dukedom, and a wealthy trading city.
  • Yarmouth is a city which serves as a sea port and a naval base.

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