Culture Cymric
Cambria is the one of the major regions of Britain. It was once a single kingdom but is now subdivided into several smaller kingdoms with cultural ties. Cambria sits west of Logres and southwest of Cumbria.


It is said that Brutus had three sons among whom he divided his lands after landing in Britain. His elder son, Locrinus, received the land between the rivers Humber and Severn, which he called Loegria, later Logres. His second son, Albanactus, got the lands north of the Humber, which took from him the name of Albany. The younger son, Camber, was bequeathed everything beyond the Severn, which was called after him "Cambria".

Cambria has several kingdoms, duchies and other regions within its borders. The following map shows their location and some major cities.


OOC InformationEdit

Cambria is the land which will one day be known as Wales.

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