Countess Gwendolyn
Full Name Countess Gwendolyn
Culture Cymric
Region Rydychan
Social Class Countess
Gender Female
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Year Born 453
Year(s) Married 469, 484 (Earl Bledri)
Countess Gwendolyn is the Countess of Rydychan and currently rightful heiress to the region. She is dwelling in Salisbury after disloyal vassals ejected her from her own demesne.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Countes Gwendolyn is a well spoken noble lady. As her father could produce no male heirs she was trained for the role of Countess for many years.

History and Family Edit

Gwendolyn has been married twice and possesses two children: a male by her first husband and her daughter Heledd by her second, the Earl Bledri.

History Edit


Second husband, Earl Bledri, dies at the infamous feast after the Battle of St Albans. The Countess is once again heiress to her father's lands until her first son comes of age.


Countess Gwendolywn is usurped by a trio of disloyal knights - the brothers Sir Bege, Sir Beleus and their clan-leader Sir Basile. Claiming that women should not be allowed to hold territory and that they will act as "freeholding Barons", the Countess is forced to depart her castles.


Given refuge by the Countess Ellen of Salisbury.

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