DuPlain is a castle to the south-east of Salisbury, marking the edge of that county's control. Located near a river crossing it guards the most practical place for an army to enter the country from the south.


DuPlain has been the site of multiple battles.

First Battle Of DuPlain: 497Edit

In 497, King Cerdic wished to launch an attack against Salisbury to revenge them for their refusal to pay tribute or to accept vassalage to him.

Under the generalship of Sir Rhodri, the men of Salisbury were able to fight off the Saxons in a decisive victory that did much for the morale in Logres at this dark time. Fighting on local terrain did much to aid the Salisbury men in their efforts.

Second Battle of DuPlain: 503Edit

In 503, King Ælle and his Sussex Saxons sought to attack Salisbury after they abandoned their alliance and tribute to them.

Once again a Saxon army crossed the water near DuPlain and an army, this time under the command of Sir Elad, moved to intercept them. Unfortunately, this battle went poorer and while the Sussex army was chased off casualties were high and many knights, including Sir Elad, were seriously injured or killed.

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