Duke Goloris
Coat Of Arms Sable A Chevron Gules Three Lions Heads Gules Eyes Or Two Over One
Full Name Duke Goloris
Culture Cymric
Region Cornwall
Social Class Duke
Gender Male
Year Born 429
Year(s) Married 474 Lady Ygraine
Year Died 491
Heir(s) Margawse (Heiress)
Duke Goloris was the lord of the duchy Cornwall. A reluctant vassal of King Uther Pendragon, he was loyal to the king's brother and predecessor but seemed wary of Uther and has evaded muster in the past.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Duke Gorlois was a grizzled veteran of many fights, battles, and wars. He was the first from Cornwall to support Aurelius Ambrosius, who honoured Gorlois with this dukedom, and has since defended it from Irish raiders and Cornish plunderers.

Gorlois was noted for his loyalty to his beautiful wife and his tremendous personal courage. However, he was getting old and has suffered many wounds — his sword was sharp, but his arm was weak.

History and Family Edit

Duke Goloris had a wife, Lady Ygraine, almost thirty years his junior.

He had three daughters by her - Margawse, Elaine and Morgan.

History Edit


Did not turn up for muster for the Battle of Mearcred Creek.


Did not turn up for muster for the Frankland raids.


Almost took part in a battle against King Uther Pendragon in Somerset. Only the last minute display of Excalibur made Goloris consider yielding - in exchange, Uther confirmed his position as Duke of the lands and promised no reprisals.


Took part in Battle of Lindsey, leading the left flank which was the first to break through the front lines and reach the Saxon camp. Was a "prisoner of courtesy" at London during King Uther's winter court - left during the night, offending Uther and prompting promises of reprisals from the King of Logres.


Led the army of Cornwall when Prince Madoc attacked Castle Terrabil on the command of his father, King Uther. Slew Prince Madoc in single combat but died at the hands of Sir Rhodri.