Ruler King Clovis
Capital City Paris
Culture Frank
Frankland, or France, is a kingdom just across the sea from Logres. It is the territory ruled by the Franks, a Germanic tribe that settled and took over here a short time ago, owning Tournai by 420. They now rule over the former Gaulish inhabitants, largely without adopting their soft and decadent ways.

The Franks (like all these Germanic peoples) are actually several smaller tribal groups (Salians, etc.). Local loyalty is more important than loyalty to a central authority.


France is divided into several regions.

  • Austrasia is the large area north and east of Ile de France. Its capital city is Metz.
  • Neustria is the area northwest of the Ile de France, with the city of Soissons as its capital.
  • Orléans is a rich area south of Ile de France, with the grand city of Orléans as its capital.
  • The Ile de France is the land around the city of Paris, which itself is on an island in the middle of the Seine River. Here resides the bloodline descended from King Merovius, the only people who are allowed to be the King of the Franks.


France & Gaul


The rulers are of the Merovingian dynasty. They are called the “long-haired kings” since they let their hair grow, as opposed to the conquered Romans of Gaul, who have it short.

Creating a list of these rulers is interesting and confusing: The members of the dynasty are continually at war with each other.