King Cerdic
Full Name King Cerdic
Culture Saxon
Region Wessex
Social Class King
Land Owned Kingdom of Wessex
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Year Born 445
King Cerdic is the king of Wessex, a Saxon kingdom. Son of the former High King of Britain, the evil Vortigern, Cerdic returned to Britain in 496 to claim the title for himself.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Cerdic is noted for his ambition and his desire to recover his father’s land; he will do almost anything to get it. He’s very strong and dangerous in a fight.

Cerdic considers himself a Briton and runs his court as such.

History and Family Edit

Cerdic is a Saxon, but with a special ancestry: His father was High King Vortigern (but Cerdic was raised in Germany).

History Edit

496 Edit

Leads an army from Germany across to Britain, taking control of Hampshire and setting up court in the city of Hantonne. Makes overtures of alliance towards Salisbury.

497 Edit

Cedric sends his son, Prince Cynric, to demand tribute from Salisbury. When denied payment, an army is sent into Salisbury but is defeated at the Battle of DuPlain.

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