King Heraut de Apres
Coat Of Arms Azure A Cross Flory Purpure
Full Name King Heraut de Apres
Aliases King Of 100 Knights, The Centurion King
Culture Roman
Region Malahaut
Social Class King
Land Owned Kingdom Of Malahaut
Gender Male
Heir(s) Barant de Apres
King Heraut de Apres is the king of Malahaut, largest domain of Cumbria. He is also known as the King of 100 Knights or The Centurion King as he has 100 knights in his personal service.

Appearance and Personality Edit

King Heraut rules over a Cymric country but is himself of Roman lineage and clings to the Roman way of life. (Hence his styling as The Centurion King.) Ruling over the former capital of a Roman province and the second-largest city in all of Britain, he takes great pride in his title.

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History Edit


Negotiated with Earl Roderick of Salisbury regarding an alliance with Logres. Could not come to an agreement as was unwilling to negotiate friendly terms with Roderick - no Logres troops would have been allowed within Eburacum. Appeared to be taking ambassadors from the Saxons as well.