King Leodegrance
Coat Of Arms Sable A Lion Passant Or
Full Name King Leodegrance
Culture Cymric
Region Cameliard
Social Class King
Land Owned Kingdom Of Cameliard
Gender Male
Hair Brown (Balding)
King Leodegrance is the ruler of Cameliard and member of the Supreme Collegium. He is an old ally of King Uther.

Appearance and Personality Edit

King Leodegrance is balding but still had much vigour in his appearance. He is a very strong man with a full face and cheekbones.

History and Family Edit

King Leodegrance was married before but his wife passed away. He has one legitimate child, Guinevere, who is his heir. He also has at least one illegitimate child who is also a daughter - the knights of Salisbury saw this child in 494.

King Leodegrance sometimes consults a local, Ganieda, for advice.

History Edit


Attended funeral of Prince Madoc and wedding of King Uther Pendragon to Lady Ygraine


Attended weddings of Lady Margawse and Lady Elaine to King Lot and King Nentres, respectively.


Was amongst the first to pledge his allegiance to Arthur after he pulled the Sword in the Stone. Rewarding this, Arthur came to his aid when he was attacked by King Ryons of Norgales