King Lot
Coat Of Arms Argent A Canton Gules
Full Name King Lothian
Culture Pict
Region Lothian
Social Class King
Land Owned Kingdom Of Lothian & Orkney
Gender Male
Year Born 467
Year(s) Married 492 (Lady Margawse)
King Lot is the ruler of Lothian and Orkney. A "civilized Pict", he is one of the most powerful kings north of Hadrian's Wall.

Appearance and Personality Edit

King Lot is considered uncouth by the Cymri southerners, who view him little better than a savage who has washed the woad from his skin.

History and Family Edit

King Lot is married to Lady Margawse, eldest daughter of Duke Goloris and Ygraine.

History Edit


Attended wedding of King Uther Pendragon and Lady Ygraine. Rumours surround him marrying one of Ygraine's daughter as a way for Uther to acquire a powerful ally.


Married Lady Margawse.