The Knights of the Lion is the name for a group of three knights, so called because they each wear a lionskin cloak.

Members Edit

The Knights of the Lion were Young Sir Paul, Sir Bawynne and Emir Talib, who was later knighted by Earl Robert of Salisbury as Sir Talib. They first met shortly after King Arthur pulled the Sword in the Stone for the first time, Talib having recently come to Britain from his homeland of Egypt to experience the world.

Adventures Edit

They became friends, and soon after quested together to Dolorous Garde in 511, in whose courtyard they encountered four large lions. They slew the lions and skinned them, making three into cloaks for themselves, and the fourth into a rug as a present for the Lady Ariette, with whom Sir Bawynne was in love.

The Knights of the Lion fought together in the same unit after that, and returned to Dolorous Garde in 514 to attempt to rid it of its taint again. Once again they were beaten back, but not before slaying mighty golem spirits and presenting their weapons as trophies to Queen Elaine of Garloth and King Arthur.

An attempt to return to the keep the following year was diverted when they heard rumours of an evil knight using a cursed weapon and worshipping a dark god. They confronted this knight, Bawynne challenging him to single combat, which he won, and the knight was brought back to King Arthur for judgement.

In 518, Sir Talib was invited by King Arthur to join the Round Table.

Ending Edit

The Knights of the Lion was broken as an organisation in 518 as Sir Bawynne was slain at the Battle of Badon and Sir Talib returned to his homeland to get married and take up his own responsibilities.

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