Lady Adwen
Coat Of Arms Gules A Stag Springing Sable
Full Name Lady Adwen
Culture Cymric
Region Salisbury
Gender Female
Year(s) Married 490 to Sir Elad
Lady Adwen is the wife of Sir Elad. The daughter of Sir Bles, who was killed in battle, her holding made her husband a Banneret and a rich knight

From his marriage to her, Sir Elad received two Demesne Manors and four Enfeoffed Manors as dowry.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Adwen is a beautiful woman as well as being very rich. Although as proud as the daughter of a Banneret has the right to be, she is also kind and generous, and once she gave her heart to Sir Elad, she did it wholeheartedly and is content as a wife and mother, while learning the skills of stewarding a manor from her sister-in-law, Enid.

History and Family Edit


History Edit


Sir Elad tried to attract her attention to little success.


After his victory over the Three-Eyed Giant and association with Merlin, Sir Elad seems a more viable catch and Lady Adwen indulges his advances more.

487 Edit

Lady Adwen accepts Sir Elad's marriage proposal in principle but reminds him that the final decision is not hers but lies with Earl Roderick.

489 Edit

Earl Roderick informs Sir Elad that he cannot make a man under thirty a Banneret without questions from the older, more experienced knights. If he wishes Adwen's hand in marriage, he must do something glorious enough to deserve it.


Marries Sir Elad. Following his triumphant capture of King Octa at the Battle of Lindsey, the Earl could not refuse the request, especially when asked for in the presence of King Uther. Bears her first child, a daughter named Elizabeth.


Bears her first male child and heir to Sir Elad and the manor of Wylye


Hit by rumours of homosexuality