Lady Ariette
Coat Of Arms Ore Three Roundels Azure Two Over One
Full Name Lady Ariette De La Belle Sourire
Culture Cymric
Region Gloucester
Social Class Heiress
Gender Female
Eyes Green
Hair Auburn
Family Characteristic Excellent Voice
Year Born 496

Lady Ariette is an heiress from Gloucester. The daughter of Sir Uren, a bannaret knight of some note, Lady Ariette (also known as De La Belle Sourire, "of the beautiful smile") is a very attractive young lady to whom marriage would grant great rewards.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Lady Ariette is considered one of the most attractive ladies in all of Gloucester. Her pale skin, flashing smile, melodious voice and long auburn hair drive the menfolk wild with passion.

History and Family Edit

Her father, Sir Urre, died recently and the Count of Gloucester now holds the fief of Stonewall in her stead. Were she to be married, Lady Ariette would pass her fief to her husband - Stonewall and two other manors.

History Edit


Present at Royal Court, where Sir Bawynne takes a shine to her. Believing himself below her station, however, he cannot bring himself to talk to her.


Young Sir Paul and Emir Talib gift a lion-pelt to lady Ariette, claiming it to be a gift from Sir Bawynne.

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