Lady Elaine (Salisbury)
Coat Of Arms Per Bend Or And Gules
Full Name Lady Elaine
Culture Cymric
Region Salisbury
Gender Female
Year(s) Married 481, 487 (Sir Lycus)

Lady Elaine was an heiress in Salisbury who was married twice. Her first husband was killed by her base-born lover who was then put to death for murdering a knight - as such she has a reputation as a harlot. Her second marriage was to Sir Lycus in 487.

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History Edit


Married for the first time.


Her first husband is killed in a fight with her commoner lover. The commoner was then put to death for slaying a knight, but Elaine herself escaped any legal sanction - though her reputation was damaged.


Married to Sir Lycus as a reward for his bravery in the Frankland war under Sir Madoc ap Uther. He received four Demesne Manors as dowry.


Despite his wealth and the fact he has multiple children there, Sir Lycus leaves Salisbury in disgust at Countess Ellen's decision to ally with King Ælle. Lady Elaine remains behind, stewarding his manors.


Lady Elaine hosts a knight overnight at her manor, and when he departs she is pregnant with child. Rumours of her slatternly ways abound, though some believe the knight in question forced himself upon her without her consent. The coat of arms of the knight was Gules, A Fess Or Between Three Frogs Proper


Lady Elaine gives birth to the Frog-knight's child but she has become a social pariah. Sir Rhodri arranges for her to be sent to an convent.