Lady Indeg
Coat Of Arms Impaled In Baron Per Cross Gules And Or In Femme Vert A Fox Passant Argent
Full Name Lady Indeg
Culture Cymric
Region Salisbury
Social Class Widowed Lady
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde
Year Born 445
Year(s) Married 462; 471; 496 (Sir Leander)
Lady Indeg was an heiriess in Salisbury, and the richest one in the county for a decade or so. She holds 2 manors (each with a loyal knight), and 3 until her death. She has been widowed twice and so could choose her own husband this time - the Lord must give permission to any marriage but he cannot legally force a woman into a third marriage.

A man who married her would receive two Enfeoffed Manors and a further £2 extra income per annum as a dowry. Furthermore, Lady Indeg herself owns one enfeoffed manor and two Demesne Manors as Widow's Gifts.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Lady Indeg obviously looks her age but still has a certain spark of glamour. Feisty, she has enjoyed having a dashing young man like Sir Leander to sweep her off her feet.

Lady Indeg is a British Pagan but not a die-hard religious fanatic. She had a younger sister who joined a Pagan religious order.

History and Family Edit

Because of her wealth following her first widowing, Indeg's second husband was willing to impale arms rather than simply display his own.

History Edit


Flirted with Leander, newly arrived Frank. Following his knighting and receiving of a letter from King Gwyddno Garanhir vouching for his good character, she is able to evade her chaperones and arrange a romantic rendezvous with Sir Leander.


Continued to entertain advances from Leander. Got pregnant and gave birth during the winter to a boy child of somewhat Frankish appearance. Despite the scandal, her wealth has allowed her to avoid the worst repercussions.


Married to Sir Leander.