Lady Ygraine
Coat Of Arms Vert Two Addorsed Dragons Or
Full Name Lady Ygraine, Queen Of Logres
Culture Cymric
Region Logres
Social Class Queen
Gender Female
Year Born 458
Year(s) Married 474 Duke Goloris, 491 (King Uther)
Heir(s) Margawse (Heiress)
Lady Ygraine is the wife of King Uther Pendragon. A ravishing beauty, she was lusted after by many men in Britain and prompted a war between Uther and her first husband, Duke Goloris of Cornwall

Appearance and Personality Edit

Lady Ygraine is arguably the most beautiful woman in Britain. Her every movement seems to convey sexuality: few men can see her and not be immediately enraptured.

Cornwall says that she is the cultured daughter of a petty lord of some little western island. She came ashore one day and the duke fell instantly in love with her. They have been together ever since, and their bond of affection is noted by everyone despite the difference in their ages.

Ygraine is the subject of many rumours, however. Some suggest she is actually a commoner who Cornwall married purely because he craved her beautiful form in his bed; others claim she has Faerie ancestry, being the daughter of The King Under The Waves.

History and Family Edit

Lady Ygraine was almost thirty years the junior of her first husband, Duke Goloris. She had three daughters by him - Margawse, Elaine and Morgan.

Following a war over hospitality and lust, Ygraine was married to King Uther in 491.

History Edit


Attended Uther's court for the first time. After the Battle of Lindsey, performed at the victory feast and attracted many lustful stares, including form the King. Was a "prisoner of courtesy" at London during King Uther's winter court - left during the night, offending Uther and prompting promises of reprisals from the King of Logres.


Was ensieged in Terrabil by Uther. Surrendered after the death of her husband Goloris and, within a month's time, had accepted a marriage proposal from King Uther and was married later that year.