The Manx are the dominant Culture on the isolated island of Pomitain. They are strongly related to the Irish, but with some of their own traditions.


The Manx first arrived on Pomitain as Irish settlers, and their culture is strongly reminiscent of their forebearers.

Skills & TraitsEdit

The Manx are strongly related to the Irish and Cymri and, like them, their stock tends to produce taller, larger people than other cultures.

The Manx, as the Irish, are famed for their musical skill, supposedly all being melodious of voice as well as skilled with instruments. They are also fine hunters, happy on horseback.


British PaganEdit

“Our gods and goddesses live in the land and sky. We have revered them since the start of time. We will not abandon them for some upstart creed from far away."

Paganism is the native religion of Britain. A mixture of local practices and beliefs, Paganism is often characterized by beliefs and attitudes that differentiate it from Christianity. The most obvious is the worship of many immortal and sometimes deific entities called gods, goddesses, and spirits. These entities inhabit the landscape, the sky, the sun, the moon, and other parts of the world, and also the Other Side (also called the Spirit Realm, the Faerie Realm, or any number of other such titles). They imbue the world with a life force and consciousness. By living in harmony with these natural forces, people live happier, healthier, safer lives. Paganism believes in an afterlife, on the Other Side, and druids also taught that souls reincarnate back onto our side as well.

Religious traits for British Pagan knights are: Lustful, Energetic, Generous, Honest, Proud.