Queen Tryamor
Full Name Queen Tryamor
Culture Cymric
Region Cambria
Social Class Queen
Gender Female
Year(s) Married King Gwyddno Garanhir
Queen Tryamor was the wife of King Gwyddno Garanhir of Cantref Gwaelod.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Queen Tryamor was manipulative and quick to pick on the weaknesses of knights. She fished for stories about treasure and, when she identified the knight most avaricious, offered him money; when she thought she knew the knight most likely to have an affair, she tried to bribe him with her quaintly charms.

History Edit


When an ambassadorial visit on behalf of Logres arrived, Tyramor tried to turn it to her advantage by using the knights to murder her husband. She bribed Sir Madog with money, promising him a golden pearl-clad goblet; she tried to bribe Leander by promising him a more sordid reward. In the end the knights turned her down and Sir Aeron revealed her scheme.


Sir Seithenin reports that Queen Tryamor was burnt at the stake for treason against her husband. As she burned, she turned from a beautiful woman into a withered old crone who cursed her husband that he would be the last king of Cantref Gwaelod, and that the land would be destroyed on his death.