Sir Bar
Coat Of Arms Or A Bar Gules A Mailed Fist Sable
Full Name Sir Bar
Culture Cymric
Region Salisbury
Social Class Vassal Knight
Land Owned Manor of Broad
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Year Born 458
Year Squired 473
Year Knighted 480
Year(s) Married 482-489, 490-497
Year Died 503
Heir(s) Bawydd (Born 488)
Sir Bar was a vassal knight from Salisbury. He died in 503 at the second Battle of DuPlain.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sir Bar was a loyal but slow knight - easily lead by the group consensus and not difficult to talk round to any point of view.

Sir Bar was particularly fond of Leander, and often had him as a guest at Broad.

History Edit


Knighted and took on the family seat of Broad Manor.


His first son, Bawyn, born.


Took part in the Siege of Bayeux. Made friends with the Frank Leander during this expedition and invited him home as a guest. Second son, Bawyyd, was born this year.


Seriously injured in the Battle of Terrabil.


Bawyn dies in an accident at the house.


Morally injured at the Second Battle of DuPlain by a Saxon berserker. After several days of fever, he passes away at camp.