Sir Cian
Coat Of Arms Sable A Bend Or
Full Name Sir Cian
Culture Cymric
Region Gloucester
Social Class Knight
Gender Male
Year Knighted 482
Year(s) Married 485 (Lady Vivienne)
Sir Cian is a notable knight from the duchy of Gloucester in Cambria.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sir Cian is a passionate warrior for the Duke of Glocuester and has aquitted himself well in his service.

History and Family Edit

Sir Cian is married to Lady Vivienne, a Frank he met while on the continent as part of an ambassadorial party. Though a proud Gloucesterman, he seemed to enjoy his time in France and even speaks a smattering of the local language.

History Edit


Met Sir Lycus, Sir Bar, Sir Malcolm and Sir Leander when patroling the borders of his duchy. Escorted them to Glevum where they were received by the duke. Expressed that aiding Gloucester against Clarence would see allies rewarded with land.