Sir Dafydd
Full Name Sir Dafydd
Culture Cymric
Region Salisbury
Social Class Vassal Knight
Gender Male
Year Born 470
Year Squired 485
Year Knighted 491
Sir Dafydd is a vassal knight from Salisbury.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sir Dafydd is well known for his interest in duels and other physical compettitions. He is an expert in the rules, forms and traditions of such contests.

History and Family Edit

Sir Dafydd is the eldest son of his family and has inherited a manor, part of the dowry of Lady Adwen that now forms part of Sir Elad's domain. As such, he is part of Sir Elad's muster and fights under his banner.

History Edit


Became squire to Sir Rhodri


Saved Sir Rhodri's live by giving first aid following the Battle of Lindsey.


Knighted by Earl Roderick of Salisbury.