Sir Gwanon
Coat Of Arms Vert A Crescent Argent
Full Name Gwanon
Culture Cymric
Region Salisbury
Social Class Household Knight of Sir Amig
Gender Male
Year Born 477
Year Knighted 498
Sir Gwanon is a household knight from Salisbury. He is in the service of Sir Amig and serves at Tilshead, but has adventured alongside Sir Rhodri, Sir Madog and Sir Elad

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Sir Gwanon is the sixth son of his house and as did not expect to receive the spurs of knighthood. He is constantly keen to prove himself valorous and try to better his station in life.

Sir Gwanon is a deeply religious man, practising the Pagan faith of his ancestors. He respects and worships nature and the feminine force of "the Goddess". This has sometimes brought him into conflict with Christians such as Sir Rhodri, although the older man seems to have some respect for the firmness of Gwanon's faith.

History & FamilyEdit

Sir Gwanon is the youngest of six brothers.

Adventures UndertakenEdit

502 Edit

Undertakes to travel with Sir Rhodri to fulfil the latter's vow to the sorceress Ganieda. Argues with Sir Elad about the rights of killing a giant lion in a forest and when it came to it, was unable to slay three druids in cold blood, when they offered up no resistance.


Knighted and successfully completed "the leap". Accompanied Sir Rhodri's contingent to Rydychan, where battle was joined with Sir Basile of Oxford. Though injured in the battle, Gwanon acquitted himself well. Also introduced Sir Rhodri to Eleri, the pagan wise woman.


Travelled to Forest Sauvage with Sirs Rhodri, Elad, Madog and Peter, as well as Eleri. Proved to be an excellent horse-rider, helping Rhodri escape disaster at Tribuit.

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