Sir Malcolm
Coat Of Arms Per Bend Sinister Argent And Gules
Full Name Malcolm
Culture Cymric
Region Caerculan
Social Class Vassal Knight
Land Owned Manor of Idole
Gender Male
Family Characteristic Surprisingly deductive
Year Born 469
Year Knighted 490
Year(s) Married 491
Year Died 495

Sir Malcolm is a knight from Caer Colun who was forced to leave his lands by invading Saxons. He was taken in by Earl Roderick of Salisbury and knighted. He was granted land in Estregales by Sir Dirac after helping prove his innocence in the murder of his father, King Canan.

Appearance and Personality Edit


History and FamilyEdit

Malcolm fought against the Saxons when they invaded his homeland of Caer Colun but was forced to flee when his country was overwhelmed. He and his mother fled south-west to Logres while the rest of his family, under the care of his younger brother, were separated in an ambush and were forced north.

Malcolm gained sanctuary in Salisbury under the protection of Earl Roderick to whom he swore fealty and was knighted. He fought in the unit of Sir Elad and was friendly with others in that group.

His lord looked kindly on him and married him to a lady in waiting at his court, Lady XXX, with whom he had three children. She came with him to his manor of Idole but they were barely able to start their life there before tragedy struck. Two of his children died within two years, leaving him without an heir and then he himself was killed in battle.

History as a Knight Edit

He fought bravely as a knight in several battles. While on a mission to Estregales in 494 he helped prove the innocence of Sir Dirac who was accused of the murder of his father, the king, and as reward for this was granted a manor in that land. His wife moved with him to the manor but they were not to stay there long as Malcolm was killed in 495 at the Battle of St Albans. He died gloriously, however, killing a Saxon giant even as he was crushed in its arms.

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