Sir Orcas
Coat Of Arms Argent Four Dragon Head Couped Gules
Full Name Sir Orcas
Culture Irish
Region Estregales
Social Class Castellan Of Pembroke
Gender Male
Year Died 494
Sir Orcas was a knight in the service of Estregales. He was killed in a duel with Sir Leander in 494, uncovering that Orcas had in fact murdered his liege King Canan and tried to implicate Canan's son Dirac.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sir Orcas was a quiet aide to King Canan, apparently well trusted by him. Only on Canan's death did a crueller side finally emerge.

History and Family Edit


History Edit


Entertained Sir Lycus, Sir Bar, Sir Leander and Sir Malcolm while King Canan considered King Uther Pendragon's offer of alliance. Poisoned Canan and implicated Dirac as the culprit. Fought both Sir Alain and Sir Leander over the charges - defeated the former but died at the hands of the latter.

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