Sir Peter
Sir Peter
Coat Of Arms Argent Cross Crosslet Fitchee Sable A Canton Vert Charged With A Tree Or
Motto "Virtus Pro Deo"
Full Name Peter
Culture Cymric
Region Salisbury
Social Class Vassal Knight
Land Owned Manor of Winterbourne Stoke
Gender Male
Family Characteristic Never Forgets A Face
Year Born 478
Year Knighted 499
Year Died 501
Sir Peter was a vassal knight from the manor of Winterbourne Stoke in Salisbury. He was knighted in the year 499, at the age of 21 in the service of Sir Rhodri. Sir Peter died in the Battle of Beale Valet, leaving a younger brother to inherit his arms.

Personal HistoryEdit

Born in the year 478, knighted in the year 499. His relationship with his father (the deceased Sir Robert) was famously stormy in his earlier years, but he has now come to inherit the family manor of Winterbourne Stoke following his sire's demise. The family have lived on this same manor in the county of Salisbury for some generations, and are vassals in good stead. Sir Peter follows the British Christian faith, and encourages his peasantry to do the same.

Appearance & CharacterEdit

Sir Peter is a distinctly average looking knight; his hair is somewhat brown, his face is somewhat flat, his muscles are somewhat defined. In all things, he appears to be the model of a Christian knight: highly talented with the sword, a massive monster of a man, and skilled in the noble pursuits of hunting and falconry. In the religious sphere Sir Peter's piety is well known, and his talents in this area extend to the reading of the Vulgate Latin Bible and the knowledge of how to administer the holy sacraments. In general the young knight appears keen, and he is determined to live his life in devotion to his lord and God.

Adventures UndertakenEdit


In the year 499, he took part in the successful quest to retrieve the lost child of Sir Rhodri. During this quest he jousted with the fairy knight Sir Lance, using a then-anachronistic concept of 'for love' to determine the results. He also won some renown for besting the dwarf of Castle Sauvage in a game of tabula, before demonstrating his knowledge of famous figures in a quiz of Recognize.

In the spring court preceeding these events, Sir Peter spoke forth in opposition to the plan to enter an alliance with Cornwall, despite the presence of Prince Mark at court, citing his concern that Salisbury could become known for allying with enemies of Logres rather than with her fellow counties.


Sir Peter accompanied the other knights to the aid to Hertford, and took part in the battle of Beale Valet, versus Saxons from Anglesey. He fell while defending his liege lord, Sir Rhodri, from mad Saxon berserkers, and after the battle his tomb was raised by the funds of his fellow-knights. He left a younger brother, Young Sir Paul, to inherit his titles and manor.

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