Sir Tydin of Lothian
Sir Tydin of Lothian
Coat Of Arms Gules A Bordure Or, Sinister A Oak Leaf Or, In Chief Three Lion Sejant Erect Or In Pale, Dexter Two Lion Sejant Erect Or In Pale
Motto "Multi ab Uno"
Full Name Tydin
Culture Cymric
Region The North
Gender Male
Height Tall
Weight Somewhat scrawny
Eyes Blue
Hair A short ginger ponytail
Family Characteristic Excellent Voice
Year Born 480
Year Knighted 501

Sir Tydin of Lothian, who was born in 480, knighted in the service of the Duke of Stirling in the year 501, and who comes to the court of Salisbury as a result of the embassies concerning Robert the future earl.

Character BackgroundEdit

[Waiting on GM authorisation of character gen, and information on how to handle his father, etc]

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