Coat Of Arms Per Chevron Or And Vert
Ruler King Brangore
Capital City Alclud
Part Of Kingdom Of The North
Culture Cymric
Strangorre is a small but strong kingdom in the west of The North. It is ruled by King Brangore, a vassal of King Lot.

A Cymric kingdom, traditionally it's main threat were its Pict neighbours but recently increased raids have come from the Irish. They call these Irish raiders Scots, a local word meaning "plunderer" or "raider".


  • Alclud, called also Dunbarton ("Fort of the Britons"), an old-style castle. This is the largest city in the region, even though it is just a small city by Logres standards.

OOC InformationEdit

Strangorre roughly equates to Strathclyde, the region in which Glasgow sits and thusly the players of this campaign live.