Unicorns are magical creatures with the appearance of a horse, but a single horn emerging from it's brow. This creature is normally shy and retiring, and can easily hide from most hunters. However, any unicorn can be attracted using the "Virgin Ploy"

They are often sought after since their parts are valuable to magicians, their meat a rare delicacy to most palates, and their heads priceless trophies to any almost any lord who admires the hunt.

Although a unicorn may be captured, it is said it can never be tamed; if imprisoned, a unicorn will instead pine away, dying within days or even hours regardless of its captors’ methods.

The "Virgin Ploy"Edit

Unicorns can apparently be subdued by virginal maidens. To do this a maiden must go alone to a place the creature is known to frequent and there entertain it with music until the creature is attracted and compelled. She then invites it to sit with her, and the beast lays its head on her lap.

If she is pure of soul and still has her maidenhead, the creature will fall asleep and remains that way for as long as the maiden continues to sing or play.

Unicorns In PlayEdit


Sir Elad wandered the countryside of Britain driven mad after watching his comrades killed and wounded by Saxons; a Unicorn restored him to health with it's magical breath.